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Gemopai is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility founded by (Amit Raj Singh & Bhanu kumar) in 2016 and Opai Electric which is one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles and has a 15+ years experience in manufacturing quality electric 2 wheelers having sold more then 15 million electric 2 wheelers worldwide .
Gemopai is committed to being the leading 360 degree solutions provider for electric mobility in India .

Research & Development , Global Patents , Milestones

  4 EURO Certified Models currently selling in Europe and Latin America

  70 certified Models of electric scooters, motorcycles and 3 electric car models

  Cooperation Agreement Signed with OPAI to jointly do R&D to develop models for Indian Conditions including current models.

  MOUs with top technical institutes in India for R&D for BMS & Smart Scooter Applications

  25 Technical Patents all over the world for electric vehicles

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