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At Gemopai, we are passionate about revolutionizing urban mobility and providing sustainable transportation solutions. We believe that electric scooters are the future of commuting, and we strive to create innovative and reliable products that enhance the way people move around their cities.

Gemopai was founded in 2017 with a vision to transform urban transportation by offering eco-friendly alternatives to traditional modes of travel. Our journey began in 2017 when our founding team came together , driven by a shared goal of reducing carbon emissions ,improving urban mobility and electrifying India. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge electric scooters that combine style, performance, and sustainability.

At Gemopai we are committed to delivering the highest quality electric scooters to our customers. Our team of experts meticulously designs each model, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of performance, safety, and durability. We use the latest technological advancements and materials to create scooters that are a joy to ride.

We believe that sustainable transportation should be accessible to everyone, and we strive to make our products affordable and environmentally friendly.

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Since 2017, Gemopai is on a mission to:

  • Deliver E-Scooters with world-class technology for the diverse Indian population.
  • Put India ahead in the E-Scooter segment with its enhanced R&D facilities, and battery safety features.
  • Manufacture E-Scooters for every individual based on utility without compromising on the safety features of the product..

Why Gemopai?

Affordable Pricing

Gemopai offers electric scooters at budget-friendly prices, making sustainable transportation accessible to all.

Lowest/Km Cost

With Gemopai, you can enjoy the benefits of low operating costs, thanks to its energy-efficient electric scooters that offer the lowest cost per kilometer.

Maximum Range

Gemopai electric scooters provide an impressive range, allowing you to go the extra mile without worrying about recharging frequently.

Ease of Charging

Gemopai scooters offer the flexibility of charging anywhere, ensuring that you can conveniently power up your ride whenever and wherever needed.

Build Quality

Gemopai prioritizes durable construction, ensuring that their scooters are built to last, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting mode of transportation.

Best-in Class

Gemopai incorporates cutting-edge technology into its electric scooters, offering advanced features and a seamless riding experience for users.

What People Say About Us?

Himanshu Garg

“Great Product Options”

My experience purchasing an E-Scooter from Gemopai was excellent. I wanted an E-Scooter for my father who recently turned 65. The dealer was very helpful with showing and suggesting the right options for my needs. I took a test ride of Gemopai Ryder, and I was sold on the first experience. The fact that it does not require a driving licence made it the perfect buy for my father. I would recommend this Gemopai E-Scooter to everyone who is looking for an affordable, money-saving solution.

Himanshu Garg Review

Priya Mathur

“Highly Recommended”

This was the easiest dealership I have been to. I was in and out in 2 hours. R.K Motors was efficient but also made sure that everything was covered at the best price in town. I recommend anyone who is looking for an E-Scooter made for the common man of India, to go & check out their nearest Gemopai showroom. They also offer up-to-the-mark services and three years free warranty.

Priya Mathur Review

Hemant Singh

“Best Service”

I recently purchased Gemopai Astrid Lite, which I think is the best electric scooter I can ever find. My warranty and servicing were due. Why I feel that they provide the best service is because Ms. Usha took care of all the necessities, without me running behind them. I just had to call and remind them, and the rest of the task was taken care of by the Gemopai team. They are really good at following up with the client so as to ensure that they are never left in the dark. Keep it up team Gemopai!

Hemant Singh Review

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