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Riding into the future of transportation with Gemopai

17 Mar 2021

Electric Scooter

Human life is always on the move.Indeed, the invention of the wheels drove the human civilization to where it is today. The means of communication developed; businesses and trade flourished; inventions were shared across the globe; advances were made in every sphere of life. However, while progressing towards technological advances an evident damage has been caused to the natural ecosystem the most prominent ones being deforestation and pollution. The consequences of these damages have led to heavy concerns such as the degradation of air quality, climate change, and a lot more. 

While human lives are immensely dependent on transportation and daily commute the damage being caused is alarming. As such extensive research has been carried onacross the world to deduce solutions that benefits both the people and the planet. Automobiles are one of the primary causes of the catastrophic damage we are leading into. Therefore, as an alternative solution, the automobile experts and techies are resting their faith in electric vehicles.  

As it appears EV or electronic vehicles have become the buzz word of the year with the automobile industry welcoming the new alternative and commuters eagerly waiting to witness the results. We at Gemopai are proud to be an early bird in this revolution and power up the road experience with smart mobility options. We are currently working with three variants of E-scooters Gemopai Miso; Gemopai Ryder and Gemopai Astrid Lite. 

Let us quickly take you through the highlights of our E-scooters and what we have to offer to the daily commuters:

Gemopai Miso

Miso electric scooter is the mini solo ride, currently amongst the favorites as it offers social distancing while traversing around. The key features of a Miso electric scooter includes a Li-Ion 48V 17.5Ah battery with a charging time of almost 90% in 2hrs. The mileage per charge of a Miso Scooter is about 60-75 kmpc with 25-35 kmph speed. The reason why a Miso Scooter is favored is due to the freedom from getting a driving license and RTO. The vehicle gets a thumbs up from our technology partner as the solo ride specialist and is a good option for those who have to take quick rides around. GemopaiMisomini electric scooter also flaunts a LED display speedometer and swappable battery which can be carried in the vehicle as well. 

Gemopai Ryder

Gemopai Ryder electric scooters are designed for everyday commuters. This variant of Gemopai electric scooter offers a ride of 90 kms per charge on economy. The Gemopai Ryder electric scooter has a 48 v Lithium-Ion battery and 250 DC Brushless Motors. Among the other features of this daily ride, options are key less entry, long seat with back rest, digital speedometer, anti-theft alarm. Allied to our ambition of providing a smart and sustainable option, Gemopai Ryder is designed with the best features of an E scooter contributing to the transformation from fossil fuel-based transportation to a green and ecofriendly one. The ride is visually appealing too and is a perfect option for the office goers who don’t like to be dependent on the time-consuming pick and drop transportation. 

Gemopai Astrid Lite

Gemopai Astrid lite offers a blend of style and performance. The Astrid Lite electric scooter is a perfect city scooter available in three drive mode-Sports, City, and Economy, with a range of about 90-100 Km per charge on economy. The vehicle weighs around 95 kg and 65 km per hour is the maximum speed. The sleek design and features like 4KW peak power, side stand sensors among others the Astrid Lite electric scooter promises a convenient commute option. The promising features are the result of extensive research and development combined with world class technology in the manufacturing process of the vehicle. 

All three variants of our e-scooters-Gemopai Miso; Gemopai Ryder and Gemopai Astrid Lite are powered by a removable Li-Ion Battery which is light to carry and ensures easy charging capabilities at your convenience while you are at work or home. 

All the Gemopai E-scooters are engineered to provide quality performance and are backed by 15+ years of experience in manufacturing and selling electric vehicles. Along with it, we are focused on quality customer experience from sales to after purchase assistance. We understand that while the switch to the alternative technology appears to be interesting and beneficial it might require some assistance and support. Hence all the E scooters by Gemopai come with three years warranty and a yearlong free road assistance. 

Our dealers are spanned in a vast network and if you are planning to switch to an electric vehicle any time soon or looking for a sustainable and smart commute option get in touch with us for a test ride

Let us together move towards the future of transportation!

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