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9 Common Electric Scooter Myths Debunked

08 Jul 2022

Electric Scooter

Gasoline scooters and cars cause air pollution in combustion. They emit black smoke, greenhouse gases and particulate matter. But we don’t really opt for electric scooters that offer environment-friendly transportation. And after knowing everything, even if we have a better solution (electric scooters), people still rely on them. This might be because of some myths they really believe in. This blog over popular electric scooter myths is going to bust all your myths and perhaps change your perception of electric scooters and bikes— so let's deep dive in!

Myth 1: Electric Scooters Are Very Expensive

Fact: Electric scooters cost much less than any normal fuel-driven automobile. Plus, a single battery charge cost you much lesser than the maintenance and fuel expenses of even a cheaper vehicle.

Myth 2: They Make Too Much Noise

Fact: The electric scooters do not emit any noise as they are powered by an electric motor instead of a combustion engine. Thus, you can ride peacefully, free from noise pollution.

Myth 3: They Produce More Emission Than Regular Vehicles

Fact: Electric scooters use electricity instead of gas or other fuels, which means they produce no carbon emissions. They also require less fuel than other vehicles, which means they are more energy-efficient than traditional vehicles.

Myth 4: They Offer Less Speed

Fact: Back in the old days, all e-scooters had low speeds, which was a limiting factor. But now, you can enjoy riding at a very good speed, very near to the existing petrol scooters. Today's electrical scooters are designed to suit the needs of any individual. They are faster, more powerful, and more durable than ever before.

Myth 5: E Scooters Have a High Accident Risk

Fact: At the moment there are currently no discernible trends regarding scooter accidents, nor do the figures allow for any conclusions about the increased risk in comparison to other means of transport. In addition, as when there will be more demand of any type of vehicle, the rate of accidents will also increase. But when more drivers get used to a particular type of vehicle, they will be able to handle it better, so it is safer for sure.

Myth 6: Batteries Are Non-Recyclable And Hazardous

Fact: Lithium-ion batteries used in EVs are potentially as safe as or even more secure than traditional batteries. EVs have demonstrated no more propensity to overheat and burn than traditional batteries. Numerous studies suggest that fires are no more likely or even less likely to occur in electric scooters or other E-vehicles.

Myth 7: They Are Inconvenient to Ride

Fact: The lightweight of electric scooters makes them very much convenient to drive. Besides this, they come with extremely simple and smooth controls, which are easier to manage. So indeed, they are very convenient to ride.

Myth 8: Electric Scooters Are Very Heavy in Weight

Fact: Electric scooters don't have components such as an engine, tank, or gearbox inside them which makes these EVs very light in weight. They only consist of a motor and a battery as their major parts. It makes them almost three times lighter than the conventional ones.

Our Astrid Lite scooter is the best example of this. Its weight is 95 Kg only which is extremely light in comparison to conventional automobiles.

Myth 9: Electric Scooter Maintenance Cost is Too High

Fact: It's completely wrong! They require no complex mechanics or oil changes! Hence, it's an almost zero-maintenance vehicle.

We hope we give you the best and all possible answers to solve all the misconceptions related to electric scooters. Thinking of buying an electric scooter now? Then contact Gemopai today.

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