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Technology and Engineering by Gemopai

Gemopai is committed to be a 360 degree solutions provider for electric mobility in India. All our scooters are manufactured and designed using best in class technology, stringent quality control and safety standards resulting in a better hassle free ride experience for all our customers while making an impact on the environment.
Our in-house R&D team of engineers work constantly towards developing components & designs that deliver optimal efficiency and power in all our scooters making them the perfect choice to ride for customers across India.
Gemopai scooters are powered by swappable Lithium-ion battery packs which are designed in-house to give optimum performance while also making it convenient for them to be charged anytime anywhere.  Charging that fits your Lifestyle!

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high torque motor
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Removable Li-ION battery
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Quick Charge
80% in 2hrs

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Hydraulic Suspension
for a comfortable ride


  • How do electric scooters charge?

Charging a gemopai e-scooter is very easy. These scooters comes with removable li-ion batteries. You just have to remove the battery and charge it and then replace it back in to the scooter.

  • Can electric scooter go uphill?

Yes and No. Some can, it depends on the weight of the rider, the Gradeability of the scooter, and how steep the hill is. As an electric scooter company we have best solution for that. With 22-degree degradability and 150Kgs loading capacity, Gemopai’s Astrid is one of the best capable electric scooters that can go uphill.

  • Which electric scooter is the fastest?

With a speed of 65 KM/H, Astrid Lite is the fastest scooter available in Gemopai’s warehouses. It is fast and most powerful scooter among many available e scooters in the market.

  • Why do electric scooters catch fire?

Reasons for catching fire in electric scooters are not clear but improper manufacturing, rising temperatures and the poor thermal management system of the EV batteries can be a possible causes.

  • Why electric scooters are expensive?

Due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries run most electric scooters, they are very expensive. Lithium-ion batteries, being naturally expensive, are well worth the price they cost. In our highly price-conscious country, Indians strive to find the cheapest products. This was one of the reasons why many people preferred petrol scooters. However, the rising fuel prices haunt us every day, and eventually, only electric scooters will be able to save us.

  • Is the electric scooter best compared to the petrol scooter?

It’s no secret that electric scooters are a great way to commute. In comparison to petrol scooters, electric scooters are faster and smoother with seamless acceleration. Because electric scooters can squeeze under gaps and accelerate instantly in city areas, they are easier to maneuver. Electric scooters have a lot more torque, which improves their performance. As a result of their high cost per use, petrol scooters will remain the preferred choice for commuters who use them as primary transportation. However, once companies manage a reasonable price for electric scooters, no other scooter type will be able to compete with them.

  • How long does an electric scooter run?

On an average, a good electric scooter’s(Astrid Lite) battery charge will last 90-200 Km/Per Charge. However, this can vary on different scooters, all the way up to 6 hours or more.

  • Does e scooter require a driving license?

As the government has categorised the scooters as ‘light two-wheeler powered vehicle,’ a driving licence will be mandatory for using them. The e-scooters will also have to sport valid license plates.

  • Are electric scooters safe in rainy season?

Yes, that’s correct. It is possible to ride an electric bike during the rain as they are water-resistant.

  • How Gemopai's E-scooters distribution takes place?

Gemopai is an Indian electric scooter manufacturer/company with their main office/manufacturing unit situated in Greater Noida UP. Gemopai follows the traditional way of the distributorship, where they expand their presence through authorized dealers.


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