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Astrid Lite

India's Longest Range E-Scooter

₹ 111,195.00

*Effective Price: ₹ 96,195.00


200KM/Per Charge*



Top Speed

80% in 2 hrs

Fast charging time 0-80%

4 sec

Acceleration (0-40 kmph)
Astrid Lite


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  • Drive Mode:3 Modes : Economy, City, Sports
  • Brake:Front Disc and Rear Drum
  • Range:200KM/Per Charge**
  • Vehicle Weight:110 Kg
  • Motor Power:4kW Peak
  • Max Speed:65 KM/H
  • Battery capacity:2.9kW
  • Climbing:25°
  • Max Loding Capacity:150 Kgms
  • Tyre:90.100/10
  • Indicators:Standard Indicator Bulb
  • Wheels Type:Aluminium Alloy
  • Tail Lamp :Unique Design with LED rear winkers
  • Features :Central Lock, USB Charging Port, Digital Color Display, Keyless Entry, Side Stand Sensor
  • Side Stand Sensor:Yes
  • Colors : Electric Neon, Deep indigo, Fiery Red, Fireball Orange, Burnt Charcoal, Midnight Red


  • Q1. What is the range of the Astrid Lite electric scooter?

    The range of Astrid Lite electric scooters varies from 90 km to 200 km per single charge, influenced by factors like rider weight and terrain. It's advisable to maintain and fully charge the scooter before each use for optimal performance.

  • Q2. How fast can Astrid Lite's electric scooter

    With a top speed of 65 kmph, Astrid Lite offers swift travel, perfect for commuters and recreational riders. It's important to follow traffic laws and maintain the scooter for safety.

  • Q3. How much does Astrid Lite's electric scooter cost?

    Astrid Lite comes in three variants with prices ranging from 92,322 to 111,195 INR. Choose the variant that suits your needs and budget best.

  • Q4. What is the loading capacity for the Astrid Lite electric scooter?

    The scooter's weight limit is 150 kg, including the rider, belongings, and the scooter itself. Exceeding this limit can affect performance and safety, so it's important to stay within it.

  • Q5. How long does it take to charge Astrid Lite's electric scooter?

    Charging takes approximately 4 hours for a full battery. Proper maintenance, including fully charging before each ride and storing the scooter correctly, ensures optimal performance and battery life.

  • Q6. Is the battery of the Astrid Lite electric scooter removable?

    Yes, Astrid Lite comes with a removable Li-ion battery, providing convenience for charging and maintenance.

  • Q7. What are the different drive modes available in the Astrid Lite electric scooter?

    Astrid Lite offers three drive modes (ECS)- Sports, City, and Economy, allowing riders to choose the mode that best suits their riding needs and preferences.

  • Q8. Does the Astrid Lite electric scooter come with a keyless entry feature?

    Yes, Astrid Lite features keyless entry, improving convenience and security for riders.

  • Q9. What are the key safety features of the Astrid Lite electric scooter?

    Astrid Lite is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes, along with standard indicator bulbs for visibility. Additionally, it features Gemopai Connect for smart safety enhancements.

  • Q10. Can the Astrid Lite electric scooter handle steep inclines?

    Yes, with a gradability of 25 degrees, Astrid Lite can navigate steep inclines with ease, ensuring a smooth and steady ride for riders.

  • Q11. Are there any colour variants available for the Astrid Lite electric scooter?

    Yes, Astrid Lite is available in different colour variants, allowing riders to choose the colour that matches their style preferences. Electric neon, deep indigo, burnt charcoal, fiery red, midnight red, and fireball orange are the 5 colour options the brand currently offers.

  • Q12. What warranty coverage does the Astrid Lite electric scooter offer?

    Astrid Lite comes with a 3-year warranty on its Li-ion battery, providing peace of mind for riders regarding battery performance and longevity.

  • Q13. What is Astrid lite's true range?

    Astrid's true range varies based on different modes: - Eco Mode: 170 kilometers - City Mode: 140 kilometers - Sports Mode: 120 kilometers

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