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About Story

Gemopai is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric which is one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world. Opai has a 15+ years’ experience in manufacturing quality electric 2 wheelers having sold more than 15 million electric 2 wheelers worldwide.
Goreen E-Mobility and Opai have signed MOU for joint venture technology transfer and cooperation agreements for further developing electric two wheeler models for the Indian market. Gemopai was one of the earliest brands to support a portable Li-ion battery, since its launch last year in 2018.

gemopai production area

Enhance R&D Facilities in India


Our Mission

Deliver Smart Technology Vehicle


Lowest per KM cost vehicle in India


Our Vision

  • Achieve world class technology
  • Customer first methodology
  • Contribution towards the society with absolutely zero emission vehicle.
  • Constantly echance our customer base and our products for Indian Market
  • Provide exceptional returns and sustained growth to stakeholders
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There is heightened interest in the EV industry, not just in India but globally too, as we all set out for a better future. Electric Vehicles is the disruption the auto industry badly needs. And the Indian Government surely is driving growth of the Electric Vehicle industry.

The Government’s statement of purpose for making India become global hub of manufacturing EVs is much needed. As a key player, Gemopai mission is to become a partner of growth for the Government.

  • Growth with focus on market capitalization
  • Enhance R&D facilities in India
  • Lowest per KM cost vehicle in India
  • To deliver smart technology vehicle
  • Be India's leading and customer preferred brand for e-scooter
gemopai factory

Meet Our Founders

Amit Raj Singh- Co-Founder,MD,Gamopai

Amit Raj Singh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-Founder & Managing Director of GEMOPAI Electric. Amit is accountable for the development of Gemopai Electric Scooters, overall business across India including production and supply chain management. He will be available to share his thoughts on the booming industry.

Kshitij Kumar- Co-Founder,Gamopai

Kshitij Kumar

Co- Founder

Co- Founder of Gemopai Electric comes with 17 years of experience in corporate world. Over last two and a half years he has been involved with Electronic Vehicle market researching and developing two wheeler EVs for the Indian market. Currently, he overlooks Gemopai Electric's outbound business in which he sees dealer development in different cities and markets, after sales and services and overall sales for Gemopai Electric.

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