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Why Buying an E scooter is worth it this Diwali - Gemopai

12 Oct 2022

Electric Scooter

In Indian culture, the festive season begins in October and lasts till December, in which, Diwali is a widely attended festival. A celebration of Diwali is considered auspicious and a good time to start anew where people purchase new items, especially vehicles. Therefore, people prefer to buy a new scooter or car during the festival of lights. But is it a good idea to buy an electric scooter during Diwali? We will address this question in the sections below. 


In response to this auspicious occasion, new automobile purchases have begun to rise across the country. There are many discounts and offers being offered by manufacturers and dealers during the festive season, making it the perfect time to buy a new vehicle. Is your Diwali E-Scooter purchase the first time in your life? Would it be helpful to have a Diwali E-Scooter shopping guide? Find out why and how to buy an e-vehicle this Diwali with these tips.


Why You Should Buy Electric Scooter During Diwali


Electric vehicle manufacturers always come up with exciting Diwali offers on scooters and discounts to push sales during the festive season to make things even better. But the question here is, is Diwali an ideal time to bring home a new e-scooter? The answer depends on each individual’s preferences. However, Diwali is one of the best times to purchase your new vehicle, and there are many reasons for it, which we will be discussing in the following section.


Discounts and offers: This is certain that manufacturers and dealers come up with exciting Diwali offers on automobiles that may not be available during other normal days. This is one of the main reasons to purchase a new e-scooter during Diwali. They do this to attract more customers and to convert as many as they can to boost their revenue during these mega festivals. Hence, you can benefit from the Diwali discount on cars if you opt to buy a new vehicle during the festival of lights. 


Exciting cashback and gifts: Apart from discounts, automobile businesses also curate cashback offers to encourage the purchase of a new vehicle during Diwali. You can also get a chance to participate in lucky draws and scratch card contests and eventually can get more cashback and some really exciting gift hampers.


Free accessories: Manufacturers and dealers also offer free accessories as part of Diwali deals. You may receive free accessories with your e-scooter purchase during Diwali, such as wheel covers, seat covers, scooter covers, tool kits, etc.


You may get free insurance: Sounds exciting? It's true. You read it right. You can get free insurance if you purchase a scooter(vehicle) during Diwali. Do ask the dealer about such offers from whom you are purchasing your electric scooter this Diwali.


Attractive interest rates on scooter loans: Automobile dealers often partner with banks to offer attractive interest rates on automobile loans during festivities. You may also get other benefits, such as a reduced amount of down payment and much more. So, If you are planning to buy an electric scooter on loan, it’s better to purchase it during Diwali. 


Absence of processing fee: You will most likely get a waiver on your processing fee on your e-scooter purchase. So, plan to buy your stylish e-scooter on Diwali to get a loan with zero percent processing fees.


Other Reasons to buying a new e-scooter during the Diwali season


Auspicious time to bring a new e-scooter home: Diwali is considered an auspicious time to start new or purchase something new. Therefore, buying a new scooter during Diwali brings positive energy and happiness to the home. It is one of the most significant benefits of investing in a car during the festive season to receive a positive sentiment in exchange for your hard-earned funds.


New options in the market: Vehicle manufacturers prefer to launch new models in the festival season, especially during Diwali. And new scooters come with new features with attractive new launch offers. Hence purchasing e-scooters during Diwali will be the best decision you have ever made before buying anything.


Lower waiting period: A rapid acceleration in scooter sales is common during Diwali-like festivals. To cope with this huge demand,  scooter makers push production to its maximum capacity. As a result, the waiting period becomes short during the festive seasons.


Tips to consider before buying a new car this Diwali

Check for Diwali discounts and offers:  When you have decided on the make and model of the scooter, you must now find the best Diwali car sale discounts. Find out which dealer offers the best deals before proceeding with the purchase.

Check for all safety and comfort features: 

Having a comfortable and safe drive is an essential feature of any vehicle. So, before buying an e-scooter, check its safety features and other features. You should ensure that the vehicle meets your needs before you purchase it.

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