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How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost

08 Dec 2022

Electric Scooter

If you are not aware of EV/electric scooters or landed here without searching for “how much does an electric scooter cost” Let us explain to you what an e-scooter actually is!

An electric scooter basically is a two-wheeler that purely runs on electricity. An electric scooter consists of many components, but the most important are- the throttle, motor, battery, and life-saver brakes, lol!

As EVs are new, their demand is increasing day by day. And People are much more aware than before and they do pre-buying research a lot. Most of them struggle to find the answers related to what they are looking for. Like “How much does an electric scooter cost” is one of the most asked questions from the prospect's end. So, let us try to explain to you all the factors that decide or impact e-scooter prices. 

*We will cover a few popular/common e-scooter brands to show the price variations based on the different e-scooter features/components. 

Let’s Dive In!


1). Prices Based on Battery Selection: 

It is the type of battery used in electric scooters that makes them so expensive. Electric scooter batteries cost up to 30% of the total cost, making them the most expensive component. You can see why. A scooter's battery power affects nearly every aspect of the electric scooter’s performance. There are three types of batteries, those are:

Nickel Metal Hydride




Lithium-ion is the most costly because of its high performance and durability. 

The reason is why electric scooter comes with Lead Acid battery ranging from(40,000-60,000), and electric scooter comes with Li-ion battery ranging from (70,000-1,15,000) 

2). Prices Based on Speed: 

Purchasing an E-scooter for daily commutes or for random trips, speed is the one thing every person considers before/at the time of buying. 

And E-scooters come with a very different range of speeds which also directly proposes their prices. 

For example:- some e-scooters comes with a top speed of 25 which requires no license, and costs below: 70,000 whereas electric scooter gives high speed and required a license that costs more than 70,000*.

* Prices can vary from brand to brand. Above mentioned prices are just average/rough estimates.

3). Prices Based on Scooter Safety:

As a human, we have lots of responsibilities towards our families and society. Taking care of our loved ones matters the most. And for that your safety matters. There are many electric scooters that come with no or few safety features and costs below 50,000 and some have many extensive safety features, those should be a must while riding a two-wheeler. These scooters range from 70,000 and above. Now the choice is yours. What matters the most- is your money or the safety of you and your loved ones.


Overhaul, the answer to “how much does an electric scooter cost” will be a scooter that comes with a high-performing battery, good speed, and the best safety features will come minimum of more than 70,000 rs. Whereas a scooter that just comes with a normal battery, low speed, and no or fewer safety features will be less than a price of 50,000-60,000 but will be a big pain in the nose for your lifetime.


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