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How to make the best out of your e-scooter battery

16 Jul 2022

Electric Scooter

In every electric scooter, the battery plays an important role. Taking good care of it can keep it going for 2-3 years. 

Unlike large AA batteries, your e-scooter battery contains lithium-ion 18650 cells. These cells are often arranged to generate 36 or 48 volts and a specific capacity, depending on the bicycle. Battery shapes and dimensions determine how they are assembled and as well as how much capacity they can hold.

In this blog, we’re going to show you how to care for your e-scooter battery and how to maximize its performance.

Best Ways to Get the Most Out of Your E-Scooter Battery

1) Keep it Cool

The temperature of your battery affects its lifespan. Batteries can be damaged by both high and low temperatures. The battery should be kept at a cool temperature, ideally around 25 degrees Celsius.

2) Be Sure to Use Your Battery Regularly

Regular use of the battery keeps it in good condition. If you don't use your battery regularly, the cells will deteriorate and affect the performance of your battery. Regular use of the battery will ensure consistent performance.

3) Charge With the Original Chargers Only

Only chargers approved by the battery manufacturer should be used to charge a battery. Unauthorized chargers can affect battery life and may also pose a safety risk if the battery is not compatible. If the charging current is higher than the battery manufacturer's recommendations, the battery will charge faster, but it will have a shorter life.

4). Clean your Battery Timely and With the Right Way?

Cleaning your scooter battery is easy. You just need to give it a swipe with a damp cloth. To prevent electrical shock, it is important to keep the terminals away from metal or wet objects.  Despite the battery's waterproof or water resistant design, it is not recommended to submerge the battery.

Things to Avoid For a Better Battery Life!

1) After a ride, allow the battery to cool down for some time before plugging in your charger for charging the battery . 

*Note- At least 30 minutes in the summer season.

2) Never let your battery drain completely, it can affect the battery life badly.

3) Avoid tampering. Like trying to open the battery casing or connecting duplicate chargers etc.


Giving proper maintenance to your e-scooter battery can help it last for a longer time. 

It's on you how well you take care to utilize it properly for a long time.

Note- Make sure you dispose of your e-scooter battery in a responsible/recommended manner When the batteries reach to its end of life.

You can take it to a battery or electronics recycler who will dismantle and recycle it environmentally friendly.


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