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Why It Is the Right Time to Switch to E-Scooters - Gemopai

20 Jul 2022

Electric Scooter

Approximately $4.5 million-$5 million is expected to be invested in India's electric two-wheeler market by 2025, according to McKinsey. With decreasing battery prices, and government efforts to encourage electric vehicle adoption, India is gradually moving toward a greener future. Our adoption of electric scooters should not be based solely on this reason. What are the reasons we should adopt electric scooters in 2022?

Let's dig deeper to find out the big y’s?

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Two-wheelers powered by electricity are easy to maintain since they have fewer movable parts. The low level of maintenance is mostly due to the fact that they don't use any oil, engines, or multiple moving parts. It is easy to replace the batteries in electric two-wheelers. The majority of high-quality electric vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are safe and lightweight. Additionally, they are able to store more energy and last longer.

Innovation in Financing

Companies are now initiating motorcycle-as-a-service in India. This eliminates the problem of high electric vehicle costs. This plan doesn’t require any down-payment, or even maintenance and insurance costs because these companies want to keep their pricing in the affordable category helping them to meet their target to penetrate most of the Indian two-wheeler market. 

Lower Carbon Emissions

Approximately 60% of the fuel consumed by motorized vehicles in India is consumed by two-wheelers, and they account for more than 30% of the country's carbon emissions. But, electric 2-wheelers can contribute to India's climate change goals by reducing carbon emissions at a large scale.


Having electric vehicles is an undeniable necessity. They are important for meeting sustainability goals, and they can improve our lives through advanced technology features at lower running costs in the long run. The E2W demand has led to multiple automakers scaling up their E2W offerings. Our company, Gemopai, has taken numerous initiatives to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in India. We have a unique selection of Electric 2-wheelers. Contact us today to book your e-scooter ride today.


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