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Astrid Lite- India's Top Electric Scooter with High Speed and Superior Specifications


Two-wheeler, every middle-income Indian man’s go-to mode of transport. Whether it’s a hangout with friends or a visit to the doctor, we prefer riding our scooters to the desired destination, breathing through the heavy traffic with ease, and letting the air wrap us whole.

Riding two-wheelers in India has long been attached to the idea of freedom. Since they easily fit into the budget of an Indian family, they have been a transport favourite from the start.

The market today is riddled with endless options. Fuel-based scooters are losing their charm and are being readily subbed by electric vehicles. People are becoming more aware of the climate crisis and the increased fuel prices. Countries rich in oil are pulling back, adding to the adversary of the common consumer. Today we talk about one innovation that is causing a stir in the transport industry at large.

Astrid Lite electric scooter, your dependable companion for smooth commuting throughout town. With its remarkable speed, range, and stylish appearance, Astrid Lite is more than simply a scooter—it's your pass to travel through the bustling streets of India conveniently. In this blog, we will walk you through the specifications and features that help it stand out from the rest. So let’s begin!


The Astrid Lite Electric Scooter-Why Choose It?

Are you trying to find an easy way to go around city streets? Here's why you should choose the Astrid Lite above all others-

Drive Modes- To accommodate varying riding needs and tastes, the Astrid Lite electric scooter has three drive modes- Economy. City, and Sports.

Max Speed- Astrid Lite provides quick and effective transportation, making it ideal for both leisure rides and urban commutes, with a top speed of 65 km/h.

Range- The Astrid Lite's 200 km per charge allows riders to go farther between charges without having to worry about running out of juice.

Motor- The Astrid Lite has a robust 2400 W motor that provides dependable performance and robust power delivery.

Battery Capacity- The Astrid Lite has a lithium-ion battery and is available in three different variants- 1.7KW, 2.16KW, and 2.88KW having different capacities to meet different needs in terms of utilisation.

Tyres - Astrid Lite's 10-inch tubeless tyres provide a steady and comfortable ride, especially over irregular ground.

Weight and Load Capacity- Astrid Lite can easily carry extra stuff and accommodate riders of different sizes with a kerb weight of 100 kg and a maximum loading capacity of 150 kg.

Features for Safety- Astrid Lite prioritises rider safety and guarantees rapid braking and visibility on the road with its front disc and rear drum brakes and standard indicator LEDs.

Extra Features- Astrid Lite has a side stand sensor, digital colour display, USB port, central lock, and keyless entry to upgrade vehicle performance and user convenience.


Design Elements

Large Footboard- Astrid Lite's flat footboard design provides enough room for riders to rest their feet comfortably, encouraging an ergonomic riding episode.

Robust Grab Rails- The scooter's robust grab rails give riders a safe grip and support while riding, adding stability and confidence.

Radiant Headlamps- Day-running lamps combined with bright LED headlamps provide superior visibility and a clear view of the road ahead, increasing safety when riding at night.

Broad Boot Space- Astrid Lite has a roomy 24L boot space that is perfect for holding necessities like groceries, luggage, and personal items.

Seamless Design- Astrid Lite's smooth, seamless design, which lacks any apparent fasteners, gives it a chic, contemporary look that draws attention wherever it goes.


Bottom Line

Astrid Lite's electric scooter is more than merely a mode of mobility. It reflects urban commuting with its excellent range, fast speed, easy charging, dependable performance, and fashionable style. For riders of all stripes, this scooter provides a smooth and pleasurable riding experience, whether they are hitting metropolitan streets or taking on everyday commutes.

Astrid Lite's sophisticated features, such as its strong motor, numerous drive modes, and roomy design, make it an excellent choice. Do not settle for the usual, go for something that lifts your spirits with every mileage.

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