11 Jul, 22

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular day by day in India and all around the globe. Due to this, electric scooters are in high demand. Hence, many automobile giants and hundreds of EV startups have launched a variety of electric scooters in the Indian market at very affordable prices. But which one is the top electric scooter in India? With so many brands to choose from, anyone would be confused.  We have sorted all your confusion for you. We have shortlisted the top 10 electric scooter in India – only for you. We have prepared this list depending on various factors. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a dive in to find out what are the top 10 electric scooters in India.

List of Top 10 Electric Scooters in India


S. No.Electric Scooter NamePrice Range (In Rs)
1Astrid Lite92,322-1,11,195
3Ather 450X150,657*
4Ola S1 Pro1,39,999*
5Hero Photon 48V65,464*
6TVS iQube Electric1,12,230*
7Bajaj Chetak1,40,561*
8Bounce Infinity E145,099 – 68,999*
9Ola S199,999*
10Ampere Magnus Ex75,749*

*(Note)– All prices written here are taken from different online sources and these are lump sum ideas of prices. (Actual prices can vary).
As it can be seen in the above list, there are electric scooters from various brands falling in the top 10 list of best electric scooters in India. Different scooters possess a different set of features, so we are not going very deep into every single feature, but as a revolutionary electric scooter manufacturer, we are going to explain all the features and functions our electric scooters possess. Let’s dive deep to understand why we had put these e-scooters at the top of our list.

1). Astrid Lite:

The first unisex electric bike in India is designed for all ages, from teenagers to adults & for all logistics needs. Some of the main key features of the Astrid Lite e scooter are as follows:

  1. The scooter can achieve a speed of 65 km/h*.
  2. One of the highest-range electric scooters on this list. With a range of 90-200KM/Per Charge**.
  3. It has a central lock
  4. Digital Colour Display
  5. Keyless Entry
  6. Side Stand Sensor.

Some other key features of Astrid lite will blow your mind:

  1. It has 3 driving modes:- economy, city, sports.
  2. It has front disc brake with EABS (Electric Anti Lock Braking System)
  3. It has a digital speedometer and an anti-theft alarm.
  4. It supports USB charging.
  5. It comes with a removable li-ion battery.

2). Gemopai’s Ryder: 

Ryder is the best scooter for your everyday ride and the best buddy for your short-distance trips. Its highest speed is 25km/h and has a 150 kgs loading capacity, which makes it the best fit for short commutes and local delivery tasks.

Here we are sharing some of the key features of the Ryder electric scooter below-

  1. The Ryder electric scooter comes with a 15° Gradeability.
  2. It can ride between 90-120 Km/Per Charge * (* The distance per charge is affected by different loads, tire pressure, road condition, temperature, wind speed, operating behaviors, and other factors.)
  3. This scooter has a digital speedometer and an anti-theft alarm.
  4. It also has a USB charging supporting mechanism.
  5. The best thing is, that it comes with a removable li-ion battery, which solves the common charging issue raised in all-electric vehicles.

Hope we share enough information with you to help you out understanding why the above-mentioned e-scooters are present in our ‘top 10 electric scooter in India’ list and which electric scooter is the best in India.

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